"Call me Red"

“To get the best out of life here ...Good grief. There's plenty of it about, so indulge. Give yourself some thing to remember. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Gamble. Get drunk. See how long you can stay awake. Go for long walks at night. Discover what you're afraid of doing, and then do it.”

— Philip Pullman


Hey there! My name is Nelson Vidals and I am a landscape and portrait photographer based in the paradoxically wonderful and horrendous city of New York. I first picked up a camera at the age of 12 and haven't stopped since.


I shoot a little bit of everything but I fell in love with landscapes and developed my skills as a portrait photographer shooting people along the way.

 I mainly work with natural and ambient light because I love the way it accentuates the link between subject and setting, but I am always experimenting with lights, methods, and formats!

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If you think my style and experience are suitable for your project, reach out!

Get in touch with me using the form below to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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